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Free Online Calorie Counter - How Many Calories Are In Melons ...
Find out how many calories are in Melons, Cantaloupe, Raw and more with FitWatch.com's free online calorie counter.

Calories in Cantaloupe Melon - Lose Weight With Us
How many calories in Cantaloupe Melon? See below, the Cantaloupe Melon calories for the different serving sizes. We provide you with Cantaloupe Melon .

how many calories in cantaloupe


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How Many Calories In Cantaloupe ? - Blurtit
The calories contained in a cantaloupe melon can be found online very simply. A website that is all about diets and how many calories are in each food / meal .

How many calories in cantaloupe melon
10 calories in 1 ounce or 28g; 47 calories in 10 cantaloupe melon balls; 150 calories in a small cantaloupe melon (4¼" diameter); 180 calories in a medium or .

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How Many Calories in 1 Cup of Cantaloupe | Reference.com Answers
How many calories in 1 cup of cantaloupe? Cantaloupes have approximately 54.6 calories per cup. Aside from being a yummy treat, cantaloupes are nutritious .


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  • How Many Calories In Cantaloupe?
    How Many Calories In Cantaloupe? Cantaloupe is a delicious fruit. It's very sweet and cool and very good for the body, especially in summer.

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See How Many Calories in Cantaloupe Cubes & More at FitClick
Jan 1, 2003 . Learn how many calories in Cantaloupe Cubes. Get all Cantaloupe Cubes nutritional information - Cantaloupe Cubes calories, protein, fat, .

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    1. What Are the Benefits of Cantaloupe Seeds? | eHow.com
      Cantaloupe seeds contain many nutrients and health benefits. . World's Healthiest Foods, cantaloupe melon is well known for its low calories and antioxidants, .

      How Many Carbs Are in Cantaloupe? | eHow.com
      How Many Carbs Are in Cantaloupe?. One serving of cantaloupe . One serving of cantaloupe contains about 60 calories. Fifty-two of these calories are from .

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