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Slippery Business | Natural History Magazine
The first time I tried to grip a freshwater eel was during an interview with a North . are closing in on the long-standing goal of breeding eels and raising them to .

American Eel - Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
The distribution of the American eel (Anguilla rostrata) includes the entire eastern . Eels may spend anywhere from 8 to 30 years in freshwater as they grow and .

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American Eels
hundreds of miles. As elvers grow they become known as yellow eels (Maine statute defines an elver as an American eel that is less than 6 inches in length).

American Eel Website
Why a website on the American Eel? Because of recent and dramatic declines in the American Eel population, this website is intended to raise awareness and .

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American Eel Raise & Release | Education
American eels are an important component of the Bay, both ecologically and economically. Eels are a significant source of food for fish, mammals, turtles, and .


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  • Maine Seafood Guide - Eel | Maine Sea Grant
    Wild and farm-raised (outside of Maine) from wild-caught juveniles. American eel is a catadromous fish, which means it spends most of its life in freshwater but .

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American Eel Website - Species at Risk
Get Involved. The American Eel Project. FEATURED PHOTO . Citizen Science: American Eel Research - NYSDEC . American Eel Raise & Release Project .

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    1. Fish Farm - South Santee Aquaculture Inc.
      We also sell other live bait including American eels, fiddler crabs, mud minnows and pinfish. Other products include red drum, hybrid striped bass and tilapia .

      Freshwater Eel - Seafood Watch | Monterey Bay Aquarium
      Freshwater eel is a popular sushi item and is sold under the Japanese name unagi. Young eels are farm raised after being captured from the wild - a practice .

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